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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Amur Leopard - almost extinct in the wild yet euthanised at Copenhagen Zoo

In a recent New York times article one could read: "This spring, the Copenhagen Zoo put down, by lethal injection, two leopard cubs, about 2 years old, whose genes were already overrepresented in the collective zoo population. Leopards are considered near threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. But as part of a breeding plan to maintain the genetic diversity of this species, the cubs’ fate was determined before they were born."

WILD TIME's Thomas Janak spoke with cat rescuer/lover Lucy Snowleopard about this case and the uncertain future of these big cats.



  1. This is utterly beyond comprehension..Why breed the Cubs just to kill them at two years of age? Why didn't they teach the Cubs from an early age to hunt and survive without man? It can be done as has been proved countless times with Wild Cats..Whoever is managing that 'Zoo' needs putting down and replacing with a somebody who knows how to conserve endangered species..I am utterly disgusted about this. Shame on Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark and the people of Denmark for letting this happen.You disgust me.

    1. I will never be able to understand the way the people of the Copenhagen Zoo think. It is unconscionable.

  2. Rest in Peace Lucy,A warrior for the voiceless,Your loss is irreplaceable,You will be missed by many <3