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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Projet Primates - saving primates in Guinea and elsewhere

Saving Primates in Guinea and elsewhere. Projet Primates includes three associations located in France (Projet Primates France), United States (Project Primate Inc.) and Guinea (Projet Primates Guinée). They joined forces for the preservation of apes and particularly for the operation of a chimpanzee sanctuary in Guinea (Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés). WILD TIME’s Thomas Janak talked to Projet Primates director Estelle Raballand about the many threats chimpanzees are facing and more.

The conversation also touches on the use of primates in labs and in the entertainment industry.



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Spreading the VEGAN message and more - Cruelty Free X-mas Fair

Organised by the West Midlands Vegan Group, the cruelty free x-mas fair is getting more and more popular and so does veganism and the many food options that are out there for vegans and/or vegan-curious people.

Wild Time’s Thomas Janak came to the fair to talk to many of the stallholders, ranging from “vegan stalls” to animal rescue groups.


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A closer look at animal mutilations - in conversation with Margie Kay

Baffling, bizarre and outright creepy cases of animal mutilations, mainly concerning farm animals, have been reported for at least half a century yet these cases are often times being ignored and/or ridiculed because they are being linked to UFO sightings and unexplained events.

Animals are often found dead with shattered bones (as if they were dropped from above) and with organs and sometimes bodyparts missing that apparently were removed surgically and not, as often stated by the press or officials, through roaming predators. Strangely, very little or sometimes no blood at all is found on the ground near the animal.

Science, as of yet, is at a loss to fully explain what is happening and there seem to be more questions than answers.

Luckily, there are investigators out there that take this topic seriously and have looked into it in-depth.

WILD TIME’s Thomas Janak talked to Margie Kay, publisher of Un-X News Magazine, forensic investigator and Assistant State Director of Missouri MUFON about her two-year investigation into this phenomenon. 

Listen HERE

Visit Margie's BLOG HERE