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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bear Bile Farming In Korea

1600 bears are living on bile farms in Korea - only 19 bears remain in the wild

An interview with performance artist Kelly Frances McKenna.

Canada born Kelly moved to Korea in 2000 and she feels like a "Canasian" - half Canadian, half Asian and she certainly has a fondness for her home of coice.

BUT she is also very concerned about the plight of the moon bears and the horrific practice of bile extraction ....

LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW HERE and visit the bear necessity website

Monday, July 26, 2010

Final WILD TIME show in Ireland!

The final WILD TIME show on Irish radio went out on air earlier today.

WILD TIME host/producer Thomas Janak will be relocating to the UK soon and is therefore unable to continue his program in Ireland.

WILD TIME ONLINE remains unaffected - due to the move it may be a while though before the next footage will be available online.

Watch this space

Monday, July 12, 2010

New interview uploaded

WILD TIME talked to artist Tom Byrne about the horses of the camargue and how a 40 year old memory turned into a beautiful painting. Listen to it HERE

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 new interviews to come to WILD TIME ONLINE

Artist Tom Byrne who has been on WILD TIME two years ago has a fascinating new painting and a project coming up and he will be talking to WILD TIME ONLINE about it very soon (Watch this space). This is what he has to say about the new painting:

" The screen title is"white main "after the 1952 french movie
about a young boy who befriends a wild camargue horse on the camargue plains
at the end the horse comits suicide and the boy follows him into the sea and drowns too it was a movie i saw as a boy that haunted me and never left my mind and now having spent 3 years studying the pyeball irish horse that reminds me of the camargue one i hope to travel to south of france and study the ultimate hardy gypsy horse on the plains of the camargue.

40 years after seeing the movie .This screen is painted from memory into an irish version of the film depicting a boy ,(perhaps me) under the shadow of the suger loaf mountain (symbol my father) and the horse on the other side grazing beside the sea (symbol my mother ) and of course the horse is my symbol of freedom and a metephor for myself ..."

Also to come is an interview with John Dalley from the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.

Online dates to be announced soon