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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hunt Sabs benefit gig footage

On December 15th 2012 Birmingham's Wagon 'n' Horses pub allowed us to record a benefit gig for the Hunt Sabs. We couldn't stay that long but enjoyed two acts, namely Ballsall Heathens and Knife Cutter.


Ballsall Heathens
Knife Cutter
The vegan food was yummy

Cruelty-free Xmas fayre footage

Talking to supporters of the Hillfields Animal Sanctuary
Awesome sweets
WILD TIME's Thomas Janak in conversation with Kevin White

The Midlands Vegan Campaigns yet again organised a wonderful cruelty-free Christmas fayre and WILD TIME came along to talk to many of the stall holders as well as to the event organisers.

LISTEN HERE to amazing people who are involved in all sorts of amazing things in an effort to end the suffering of animals and to make this planet a better one.

Our interviewees included among others:

Brackencraft, Moseley Vegans, Wolverhampton Vegans & Veggies, Hillfields Animal Sanctuary, Athene Skincare, Veged Out and more.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Living plant based means restoring God's original intent


Frank L. Hoffman from "the Mary T and Frank L Hoffman Foundation" says: "We are a Biblically based organization, and believe that our call to mission is to restore God's original creation intent of a plant based diet (Genesis 1:29-30).We believe that a vital part of God's plan is to have His people be stewards of His earthly creation, and perhaps beyond, and to "rule" over it in such a way as to protect it from harm. Additionally, we are to "subdue", through peaceful means, all evil that seeks to cause harm to any portion of creation (Genesis 1:26-28).We believe we have been called as sons and daughters (children) of God to counteract the cruelty and damage that has been and continues to be inflicted upon the earth and all its inhabitants, for the whole of creation has been waiting and groaning for such individuals even until this very day (Romans 8:18-25)" - reason enough for WILD TIME to talk to him.

Visit Frank's website HERE