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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kangaroo killings in Australia and the efforts to stop them

LISTEN HERE to the interview:

The Kangaroo is the national emblem of Australia but, as Carolyn Drew tells us, the Kangaroo is far from being revered. In fact quite the opposite seems to be the case. Have a listen as Carolyn tells us all about the proposed and sometimes already happening cullings/killings of Kangaroos in their native Australia.

"Animal-Friendly Alliance" - in conversation with April Leung

LISTEN HERE to a fascinating interview with April Leung from the Hong Kong based "Animal - Friendly Alliance" as we discuss their activism and the issues they are facing with regards to their animals.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Documenting the life of Brian" - following pigeons in London

Lisa Shand has been following pigeons in London for over six years now. One in particular, Brian, has caught her affection and attention and he even has his own blog (

She has learnt quite a lot about pigeons and their way of life and Lisa kindly shares her experiences with us here

LISTEN HERE to an entertainign and equally insightful conversation

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Benefit Gig footage

On Saturday, June 16th a benefit gig in aid of the SSCS took place at the Wagon 'n' Horses in Birmingham where six bands gave it their all to support Paul Watson and his great team. This two parter is over 100 minutes of sheer energy - IF YOU LIKE IT LOUD, that is :-) The two-part program consists of conversations with some of the performing artists as well as people in the audience. Even though they didn't stay all night we still managed to capture some of the performances of Pax, Spread and Rag and Bones. The show also features an interview with "Alcohol Licks" as well as a track from their album "It's not Punk! ... They say". In conversation with ALCOHOL LICKS LISTEN TO PART 1 HERE / LISTEN TO PART 2 HERE

Gardener's World Exhibition 2-parter

Wild Time recently went to the Gardener's World Exhibition in Birmingham to highlight habitat loss and conservation for both plants and wildlife. This 2 - parter offers an amazing variety of topics and interviews. Part 1 consists of many great, informative and eye-opening conversations e.g. with the British Cactus and Succulent Society, Habitat Aid, The National Wildflower Centre, Birmingham & Midland Orchid Society, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and more LISTEN HERE TO PART 1Part 2 consists of many great, informative and eye-opening conversations e.g. with Bat Conservation Trust, Badger Trust, Moo Free Chocolates, Rain Water Harvesting and more - LISTEN HERE TO PART 2

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exposing The Big Game - in conversation with Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson is a wildlife photographer and self-taught naturalist who makes his home in a remote wilderness setting in the Pacific Northwest, beyond the reach of cable television and mercifully out of earshot of Sarah Palin's daily sound bites. Wild Time talked to Jim about his new book "Exposing The Big Game", which challenges the archaic, yet officially endorsed, viewpoint that the primary value of wildlife in America is to provide cheap entertainment for anyone with a gun and an unwholesome urge to kill. Portraits and portrayals of tolerant bears, loquacious prairie dogs, temperamental wolves, high-spirited ravens and benevolent bison will leave readers with a deeper appreciation of our fellow beings as sovereign individuals, each with their own unique personalities. LISTEN HERE to the interview and visit Jim's BLOG

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Urban Fox Problem" - an alternative to causing suffering and death

We believe that urban foxes have every right to search for shelter in our back gardens yet they are often seen as a nuisance or even vermin and are being dealt with rather harshly. Animal rights activist Paul McDonalds is helping people with their "fox problems" without harming the foxes. LISTEN HERE to Wild Time and Paul talk about "fox-a-gon" and more.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Spanish Galgos - Greyhounds In Need

Wild Time talked to Martin Humpherey from Greyhounds In Need about their work in Spain with regards to the galgos. Greyhounds In Need is the leading greyhound rescue charity working in Spain and has unique knowledge of the conditions there, and has permanent need of donations to enable the rescue work in Spain to be continued and expanded. This phone conversation (which is a bit weak soundwise at times) touches on many aspects of their work and the needs of the greyhounds. LISTEN HERE to the interview and visit Greyhounds in need HERE

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee special broadcast

Since the royals are heavily involved in hunting and horse breeding it wouldn't be right for WILD TIME to celebrate her majesty. But that doesn't mean that we will shy away from a good time. The Birmingham Pride coincided with the diamond jubilee festivities and there was great entertainment all around. This episode tried to capture some of it BUT also features interviews with ANIMAL FREEDOM about the abolitionist approach with regards to using animals in our lives as well as a short interview with the Hall Green greyhound rescue. Recorded entirely in Birmingham it also features a few live tracks of the "Bravo Boys". Enjoy the footage! LISTEN HERE