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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

‘The Zoo next door’ – where tragedy and drama meet

Over three years ago,  Karla Munguia Colme
nero spoke to WILD TIME about the “Zoo Next Door” and her documentary of the same name, which you can view HERE.

She updated us about the situation in May 2012 (listen here) when things had gotten even worse.

Now, just a mere two weeks ago, the announcement came that the Zoo will be closed down and the animals will be confiscated and hopefully rehomed.

Sadly, this won’t be the case after all.

Karla joined us again for the latest in the never ending battle to give the animals in said Zoo some space and piece of mind.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hong Kong's Dolphins need help

With only 61 Chinese White Dolphins left it seems incomprehensible that the Hong Kong government has sanctioned a third runway for their airport, knowing full well that the dolphins will be affected by this massive infrastructure change.

The dolphins are also at risk due to massive amounts of boats crossing through their territory.

WILD TIME spoke with independent activists Suzette Ackermann and Jaqueline Lee about the situation in Hong Kong.

It is time the Honk Kong government hears from YOU:

Hong Kong Government:
Hong Kong Airport Authority :

Update: Although a petition was mentioned during the conversation, the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society urges people at this point in time to write to the emails provided.