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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Dark Side Of Spain

One of the world’s top tourist destinations Spain attracts a large amount of people to its shores every year to delight in the sun and dip their feet into the water and enjoy hanging around the beaches and more. But there is a darker, more sinister side to Spain as animal cruelty is ripe and attitudes towards animals vary from indifference to downright harmful, While acknowledging that there are good people in Span, too we nontheless have to pay attention to the fact that the animals of Spain need help.

British born Spain resident Vivienne Warton is the president of ACTIN – SPAIN, whose aim is to help end animal cruelty and abandonment by setting up an education and neutering programme in poor and rural areas of Spain. Furthermore they are also looking to find the best ways to introduce education of the general care and welfare of all animals in Spain.

WILD TIME's Thomas Janak talked to Vivienne about her work and what is happening in Spain.


Visit ACTIN-SPAIN here
Visit AWSM here

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