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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saving Salamanders from extinction - in conversation with Matt Ellerbeck

LISTEN HERE : Salamanders are in a terrible crisis. Copious numbers of salamander species are disappearing from the wild at a daunting rate. Unfortunately, due to their secretive and cryptic nature, salamanders are not commonly seen by people. This means the decline in salamanders largely goes unnoticed - even as species dwindle and become extirpated (locally extinct and exterminated). Salamanders are further at risk due to the fact that few conservation groups are solely devoted to their recovery, and the general public is largely indifferent to saving ''slimy amphibians.''

Aside from the conservation concerns that afflict salamanders, these amphibians are also subjected to many forms of cruelty and exploitation. Yet virtually no attention is given to salamanders from animal welfare advocates.

Wild Time talked to Salamander advocate Matt Ellerbeck (pictured here). Visit his website HERE

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