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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anti Badger Cull March Birmingham, February 22nd 2014

The voice for the badgers is getting louder - WILD TIME went to the Anti Badger Cull March in Birmingham on Saturday, February 22nd 2014.

PART 1 - features interviews with Joe Peacock from the BBC Wildlife Trust, Dean Bracher, Sally from the Happy Hogs Hedgehog Rescue, Philip Mensbridge from 'Care of the Wild International' as well as speeches made by:

Jack - Chairman of Warwick Badger Group
Ama Menec - Chair of TBVAC Devon
Helen - Hunt Sabs association

John Ravenscroft also performed to heartfelt 'Badger Songs'.

PART 2 - contains on stage speeches by:

Dawn Varley - League against cruel sports
Drew Pratton
Dominik Dyer - Care for the wild International
Claire Naylor Callistor Merritt

1 comment:

  1. The Anti badger march in birmingham attracted up to 3000 people, more than anticipated and made it the biggest march in the uk. However, if we are going to continue to make our voices known to this government, people need to come out wherever they are. To sign petitions, march, send letters to their mps, to media and newspaper outlets. Most importantly, people need to monitor the setts that are near them. Check for unusual activity if you don't understand how to monitor a sett, find someone who does and get them to teach you. Without this unpaid, volunteer badger army the government would have had carte blanche to do what they want. Keep up the good work and do whatever it takes to SAVE The BADGERS.