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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 - a year in review

2013 was an exciting year albeit a disturbing one because the topics we have covered in 2013 weren't easy at all and ranged from stray dog killings in Romania, trophy hunting, racism within the animal rights movement, shark finning, films like Blackfish and we even explored the link between animal abuse and human abuse, talked about the illegal wildlife trade and animal testing and, of course, the badger cull.

58 conversations were uploaded online and people listened to our footage 5136 x , which is awesome and shows that even a small entity like WILD TIME can be a voice for animals.

Our most listened to interviews are:

01. Making the link between human abuse and animal abuse, part 1
02. Highlighting animal abuse in Egypt
03. Bulgaria - where animals are often seen as vermin

the last one was also the most commented on interview of the year 2013.

The three least listened to interviews were:

01. Help the dogs in Denmark - English version
02. Removing trash from Key Largo Coral Reefs
03. Wake up - this is your life

As we are entering into year six of WILD TIME's existence, we are doing so full steam ahead.

For the animals and the planet WILD TIME

Our sincerest THANK YOU to all our listeners, guests and supporting radio stations TCR FM and Kingston Green Radio

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