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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stop the suffering - against Bullfighting!

Dutch couple Jose Kersten and Marius Donker talk to WILD TIME's Thomas Janak about the atrocities committed against Bulls both in Portugal and Spain, about activism in genral and many more things besides.

Jose also reads out her heartbreaking and compassionate poem "Bull, I cry for you".

Listen HERE

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  1. Well I like such humanitarian helping hands, but I can do nothing more than share and sign as a very simple Nepali.

  2. Only peace, love, compassion and kindness will sustain us and our world.

  3. Thank you all for listening - please spread the word.
    We need to be here for the bulls & horses who suffer immense. Never visit an arena. Help to make it stop.

  4. I wish I could tuned in to the interview. This would be important one.