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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A TRUTH JUICE Birmingham event: Dr. Masaru Emoto presentation on "the hidden messages in water"

Truthjuice Birmingham is a weekly event bringing you the very best in esoteric knowledge from a plethora of inspirational speakers. On their website they say: “We are actively building a community of like minded “Freethinkers” to share ideas and resources” and on March 26th 2013 WILD TIME went to a Truth Juice event featuring Dr. Masaru Emoto (who has been on Wild Time back in May 2011), who gave a talk/seminar about the messages in water and more. Dr. Emoto’s best-selling book “The hidden messages in Water” has been sold over three million times now and he has authored many more books and is both revered and loathed by scientists. Luckily the people of the world seem to be on his side. The footage features a large part of the actual presentation, a short interview with Dr. Emoto himself and a short chat with Truth Juice’s Paul Morgan.


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