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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Our online page has been a busy place in 2012. 105 pieces have been uploaded in the past year and our uploads  were listened to 4863 times in total. 119 comments had been left and many of our interviews were being passionately discussed, sometimes garnering up to thirteen comments. Here's our

01. The horrors of the meat and dairy industry and how calf 269 started a movement … 362 x listened to

02. Save Japans Dolphins Day Feature - Part 1 ... 189 x listened to

03. Chinese animal rights activism - SAFAR conversation ... 177 x listened to

04. Free Morgan the orca - in conversation with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr. Ingrid Visser … 166 x listened to

05. Hunters exposed - in conversation with Shannon Wright .... 151 x listened to

06. Harbin China, eyewitness report ... 136 x listened to

07. From the archives: 04042008 Anti Fur demo ... 133 x listened to

08. World Day for animals in laboaratories March - Part 2 ... 118 x listened to

09. From the archives: 21032008 Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon ....115 x listened to

10. The dreadful zoos of Egypt ... 115 x listened to

Most favourited interview:

Fighting ritualistic animal sacrifices in Nepal (six times)

Least listened to interview:
Climate Change revisited                                                                                                                                                                        * - comments only include left comments on either the upload page or wildtime online blog page
Obviously, a show updated in January has had more time to get listened to than, say, a show uploaded in November. Nontheless, statistics allow us to see trends that tell us what sort of topics are interesting to people and what sort of issues need more highlighting or are genuinely more difficult to convey.   Something we have noticed for instance is that environmental topics are less appreciated by our online audience than animal related topics. Within the animal related topics it becomes clear that interviews about scorpions or snakes are less listened to than interviews that involve dolphins for instance.
Another factor is obviously how active the online community is with regards to sharing content. In short, this may not be a 100% accurate projection but nontheless a vital one.

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