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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Morgan the Orca - in conversation with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr. Ingrid Visser

In June 2010 a lone female orca calf was captured from the Wadden Sea, off the northwest coast of the Netherlands, under a rehabilitation and release permit. She was emaciated and dehydrated. The Dolfinarium Harderwijk took this orca, whom they named Morgan, to their facilities in order to administer medical health care. They weren’t allowed to display her to the public and she was to be prepared for reintroduction back into her natural habitat. Unfortunately, this isn’t what happened.

Morgan currently languishes in Loro Parque, a privately owned entertainment park in the Canary Islands. She is used in shows and is abused by the other orca at the park. Yet, there is strong evidence that illustrates that Morgan is a suitable candidate for release back into the wild.

The next hearing about her ongoing courtcase is scheduled for tomorrow, November 1st.

LISTEN HERE to what is happening and how you can help!!

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