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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Silence Falls - a voice for the voiceless

... in conversation with Megan Caldwell. Megan writes on her Facebook page: ""When Silence Falls" is a testimony of abuse, murder and injustice, told by the ordinary warriors that have taken on the world in order to save it." and she continues saying "I am going to publish a book revealing to the world what we share among ourselves everyday. The cruelty, the violence and the heartbreak that we face, I intend to capture what I can of that in one volume. Here's where you come in: I want YOU to write it." Wild Time talked to writer and activist Megan Caldwell about the book project. The conversation also touched on Morgan the Orca, Sea Shepherd, activism, veganism, education and more. LISTEN HERE and please also visit Megan's facebook page

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