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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mixcloud statistics

We started using Mixcloud as our podcast place of choice in autumn 2010 and a closer look revealed that our uploaded pieces have been listened to 3422 x in total so far.

Interviews were being favourited 18x so far.

The most favourited piece is "FREE TONY , the truck stop tiger".

Here's our TOP 5 of the most listened to interviews:

01. How saving a chicken can make the world listen up 229 times listened to

02. Earthrace - Interview with Pete Bethune 212 times listened to

03. The tiger temple shame update 153 times listened to

04. Tony the truck stop tiger 130 times listened to

05. Chinese animal rights activism 128 times listened to

Of course statistics are justs statistics and newer pieces hae had less of a chance to garner a larg listenership but it is nintheless interesting to take a closer look at how Wild Time is shaping up

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