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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tony the truckstop tiger - In conversation with Sky Williamson

Meet Sky Williamson who campaigns tirelessly for the release of Tony the truckstop tiger to give him a better life at a sanctuary. Tony turns 11 in July and has spent his entire life as a roadside attraction at a truckstop in Louisiana/USA, exposed to people and loud noises 24/7.

He has now developed serious physical and mental problems and the time has come to allow him to spend the remainder of his life in a better place.

WILD TIME talked to Sky Williamson about the many problems she comes up against in her battle to free Tony.

Listen to the interview HERE

Plenty of footage can be found on YouTube (search for Free Tony the tiger campaign).

Sky Williamson can be contacted directly via her facebook page


  1. There has been so much coverage and info on Tony's lifetime dilemma, for thost who are interested in helping Tony out, the links are not hard to find~ So much work has been done by Sky for Tony since 2008 and now Tony needs us all more than ever~ Thankyou to all that have helped in one shape or form

  2. It is cruel to keep this beautiful boy trapped in a steel jungle for 10 years. How much longer will ignorance be allowed to continue!

  3. Every government official that is responsible for allowing this to go on, justice should be served on. Excellent interview.

  4. And NOW finally we are at the point where TONY has won TWO court trials and yet he still sits in that horrid cage at Tiger Truck Stop.... What gives?

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